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NTE Electronic Datasheets Catalog-49

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NTE5907 NTE ElectronicSilicon power rectifier diode. Anode to case. Max repetitive peak reverse voltage 1200V. Average forward current 40A.
NTE1704 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Audio power amplifier, 1.2W.
NTE246 NTE ElectronicSilicon complementary PNP transistor. Darlington power amplifier.
NTE3009 NTE ElectronicDiscrete LED indicator. Diffused orange, gallium arsenide phosphide on gallium phosphide orange.
NTE3041 NTE ElectronicOptoisolator. NPN transistor output.
NTE1813 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Color signal processor for VCR.
NTE569 NTE ElectronicSilicon rectifier fast switching, soft recovery. Peak reccurent and non-reccurent reverse voltage Vrrm = 600V. Forward current If(av) = 3A.
NTE1607 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. B/W TV video detector amplifier, IF AGC circiuit.
NTE990 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Dual audio power amplifier.
NTE791 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. TV chroma amplifier demodulator.
NTE2336 NTE ElectronicSilicon NPN transistor. Darlington switch w/internal damper & zener diode.
NTE999SM NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Programmable precision reference. Output voltage to 36V
NTE5608 NTE ElectronicTRIAC, 8A. Repetitive peak off-state voltage Vdrm = 400V. RMS on-state current 8A.
1V020 NTE ElectronicMetal oxide varistor. Case diameter 8.5 mm. Nominal varistor voltage 33 V @ 1mA DC test current.
NTE5157A NTE ElectronicZener diode, 5 watt, +-5% tolerance. Nominal zener voltage Vz = 110V. Test current Izt = 12mA.
NTE5205A NTE ElectronicZener diode, 10 watt, +-5% tolerance. Nominal zener voltage Vz = 39V. Zener test current Izt = 65mA.
NTE2360 NTE ElectronicSilicon complementary PNP transistor. Digital w/2 built-in 47k bias resistors.
NTE6129 NTE ElectronicSilicon power rectifier diode, 700 Amp. Max repetitive peak revrese voltage 1600V.
NTE2399 NTE ElectronicMOSFET. N-channel enhancement mode, high speed switch.
NTE5087A NTE ElectronicZener diode, 1 watt, +-5% tolerance. Nominal zener voltage Vz = 43V. Zener test current Izt = 6.0mA.
NTE1759 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. CMOS, 26 command TV remote control receiver.
NTE5279A NTE Electronic50 watt zener diode, +-5% tolerance. Nominal zener voltage Vz = 60.0V. Zener test current Izt = 210mA.
NTE2311 NTE ElectronicSilicon NPN transistor. High voltage, high speed switch.
NTE5480 NTE ElectronicSilicon controlled rectifier (SCR). Peak repetitive reverse and reverse blocking voltage Vrrm,Vdrm = 25V. Forward current RMS Itrms = 8A.
NTE348 NTE ElectronicSilicon NPN transistor. RF power amp, driver.
NTE1870 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Module - color TV switching regulator.
NTE1317 NTE ElectronicIntegrated cicuit. Module, 2 power, 2 channel, AF power amplifier 50W Min.
NTE7157 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Low frequency power amplifier.
NTE5097A NTE ElectronicZener diode, 1 watt, +-5% tolerance. Nominal zener voltage Vz = 120V. Zener test current Izt = 2.1mA.
NTE1762 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Active low infrared remote control preamp.

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