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NTE Electronic Datasheets Catalog-34

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NTE5030A NTE ElectronicZener diode, 1/2 watt, + - 5 % tolerance. Nominal zener voltage Vz = 22V, Zener test current Izt = 5.6mA.
NTE1975 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Negative 3 terminal voltage regulator, Vout = -18.0V, Test conditions Io = 0.5A.
NTE941S NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Operational amplifier.
NTE1560 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Phase lock loop (PLL) FM stereo multiplex demodulator.
NTE5550 NTE ElectronicSilicon controlled rectifier. Peak reverse blocking voltage Vrrm = 50V. Forward current 25A.
NTE955SM NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Timing circuit.
NTE2561 NTE ElectronicSilicon NPN transistor. Video amplifier.
2V115 NTE ElectronicMetal oxide varistor. Case diameter 16 mm. Nominal varistor voltage 171 V @ 1mA DC test current.
NTE56010 NTE ElectronicTRIAC, 15 Amp. Peak repetitive off-state voltage Vdrm = 800V.
NTE138A NTE ElectronicZener diode, 1 watt, +-5% tolerance. Nominal zener voltage Vz = 7.5V. Zener test current Izt = 34.0mA.
NTE4990 NTE ElectronicSurge clamping, transient overvoltage suppressor, unidirectional. VR = 256.00V max reverse stand off voltage.
NTE15032 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. TV fixed voltage regulator.
NTE5283A NTE Electronic50 watt zener diode, +-5% tolerance. Nominal zener voltage Vz = 82.0V. Zener test current Izt = 150mA.
NTE1292 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. IF amplifier and detector.
NTE5246A NTE Electronic50 watt zener diode, +-5% tolerance. Nominal zener voltage Vz = 6.2V. Zener test current Izt = 2000mA.
NTE5525 NTE ElectronicSilicon controlled rectifier (SCR), 25A. Repetitive peak forward and reverse voltage Vdrm,Vrrm = 250V. RMS forard current It(rms) = 25A.
NTE488 NTE ElectronicSilicon NPN transistor. RF power output.
NTE907 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Dual array.
NTE620 NTE ElectronicSilicon rectifier, general purpose, high voltage, standard recovery (surface mount). Max recurrent peak reverse voltage 400V. Max average forward rectified current 0.5A.
NTE7074 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Module, 3 output positive voltage regulator for VCR.
NTE232 NTE ElectronicSilicon PNP transistor. Darlington amplifier, preamp.
NTE2545 NTE ElectronicSilicon complementary NPN transistor. Darlington, high speed driver.
NTE6102 NTE ElectronicIndustrial rectifier, 550A. Cathode to case. Repetitive peak reverse voltae 600V.
NTE1468 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Audio, low power output amplifier.
NTE3099 NTE ElectronicInfrared emitting diode Bi-directional.
NTE5062A NTE ElectronicZener diode, 1 watt, +-5% tolerance. Nominal zener voltage Vz = 2.5V. Zener test current Izt = 20.0mA.
NTE2564 NTE ElectronicSilicon complementary NPN transistor. High current switch.
NTE6073 NTE ElectronicIndustrial silicon recfifier. Anode to case. Max peak reverse voltage 1000V. Max forward current 70A.
NTE56020 NTE ElectronicTRIAC, 25 Amp. Repetitive peak blocking voltage Vdrm = 400V.
NTE5453 NTE ElectronicSilicon controlled rectifier (SCR). Repetitive peak reverse voltage Vrrm = 50V. RMS on-state current It = 4A.

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