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NTE Electronic Datasheets Catalog-46

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NTE1128 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. TV video IF amplifier.
NTE1248 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Phase lock loop (PLL). FM multiplex stereo demod.
NTE7038 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Module, 5 output positive voltage regulator for VCR.
NTE572 NTE ElectronicGeneral purpose silicon rectifier, fast recovery. Max reccurent peak reverse voltage 1000V. Max average forward rectified current If(av) = 6A.
NTE5622 NTE ElectronicTRIAC, 10A. Repetitive peak off-state voltage Vdrm = 50V. RMS on-state current 8A.
NTE1940 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Positive voltage regulator, 24V, 2A.
NTE965 NTE ElectronicLinear integrated circuit. Negative voltage regulator, -8V, 1A.
NTE21 NTE ElectronicSilicon complementary PNP transistor. High power, low collector satutation voltage power output.
NTE5908 NTE ElectronicSilicon power rectifier diode. Cathode to case. Max repetitive peak reverse voltage 800V. Average forward current 16A.
NTE2956 NTE ElectronicMOSFET. N-channel, enhancement mode high speed switch.
NTE16012-ECG NTE ElectronicPolymetric positive temperature coefficient (PTC) resettable fuse.
NTE4921 NTE ElectronicSurge clamping, transient overvoltage suppressor, bidirectional. VR = 12.80V max reverse stand off voltage.
NTE1639 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. CMOS clock generator/driver for BBDs.
NTE5196A NTE ElectronicZener diode, 10 watt, +-5% tolerance. Nominal zener voltage Vz = 20V. Zener test current Izt = 125mA.
NTE5577 NTE ElectronicSilicon controlled rectiifier. Repetitive peak forward blocking voltage, Vdrm = 600V. Repetitive peak reverse voltage, Vrrm = 600V. RMS on-state current Itrms = 125A.
NTE621 NTE ElectronicSilicon rectifier, general purpose, high voltage, standard recovery (surface mount). Max recurrent peak reverse voltage 400V. Max average forward rectified current 1A.
NTE941M NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Operational amplifier.
NTE2062 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. PMOS digital alarm clock.
NTE624 NTE ElectronicSilicon rectifier, fast recovery,dual, center tap. Peak repetitive reverse voltage 600V. Average rectifier forward current 3A (per diode), 6A (total device).
NTE2510 NTE ElectronicSilicon NPN transistor. High frequency video output.
NTE5053A NTE ElectronicZener diode, 1/2 watt, + - 5 % tolerance. Nominal zener voltage Vz = 130V, Zener test current Izt = 0.95mA.
NTE1721 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Pulse width modulator (PWM) regulator.
NTE5562 NTE ElectronicSilicon controlled rectifier (SCR). Repetitive peak off-state & reverse voltage Vdrm,Vrrm = 200V. RMS on-state current It(rms) = 35A.
NTE2637 NTE ElectronicSilicon NPN transistor. CRT horizontal deflection, high voltage, fast switching.
NTE2508 NTE ElectronicSilicon complementary NPN transistor. Video output for HDTV.
NTE6411 NTE ElectronicBilateral trigger diode (DIAC). Breakover voltage (forward and reverse) 40V (typ).
NTE6158 NTE ElectronicSilicon industrial rectifier, 150 Amp, general purpose. Cathode to case. Peak revrese voltage 1000V.
NTE6108 NTE ElectronicIndustrial rectifier, 550A. Cathode to case. Repetitive peak reverse voltae 1600V.
NTE1657 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Phase lock loop (PLL) FM stereo multiplex.
NTE5546 NTE ElectronicSilicon controlled rectifier (SCR). Repetitive peak off-state & reverse voltage Vdrm,Vrrm = 500V. RMS on-state current 35A.

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