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CF5010AN2-1 SM6500AA-2 CF5004A3 CF5004A7 CF5010BN4-1 SM7831 SM6611CAH SM5009AN6S CF5010BH4-1 CF5002LF SM5824N SM5813AF CF5009AH3 SM5624N5 SM6155S SM5142AM SM8210S SM5002LAS SM5619N1 SM6155P SM5010BN1S SM5004B1H SM5617HA SM5022A5H SM5619H7 SM5610K5 SM8513S SM5840JS

NPC Datasheets Catalog-7

Partea NuProducătorCerere
SM5010AN1S NPCCrystal oscillator module IC
SM5847AF NPCHigh-fidelity digital audio, multi-finction digital filter
CF5010AN2-1 NPCCrystal oscillator module IC
SM6500AA-2 NPCRC network with ESD protection
CF5004A3 NPCQuartz crystal oscillator IC
CF5004A7 NPCQuartz crystal oscillator IC
CF5010BN4-1 NPCCrystal oscillator module IC
SM7831 NPCDecimal operation processor
SM6611CAH NPCMiniature high-precision temperature switch IC, output switch temperature 65C
SM5009AN6S NPCCrystal oscillator module, 2.7V to 5.5V
CF5010BH4-1 NPCCrystal oscillator module IC
CF5002LF NPCCrystal oscillator module IC, 25 to 30 MHz
SM5824N NPCVariable length static shift register
SM5813AF NPCEight-times oversampling digital filter for digital audio
CF5009AH3 NPCCrystal oscillator module, 2.7V to 5.5V
SM5624N5 NPCQuartz crystal oscillator mobile IC
SM6155S NPCSuccessive-approximation 8-bit A/D converter
SM5142AM NPCFrequency synthesizer PLL IC
SM8210S NPCSignal processor for paging receivers
SM5002LAS NPCCrystal oscillator module IC, 30 to 40MHz
SM5619N1 NPCQuartz crystal oscillating IC
SM6155P NPCSuccessive-approximation 8-bit A/D converter
SM5010BN1S NPCCrystal oscillator module IC
SM5004B1H NPCQuartz crystal oscillator IC
SM5617HA NPCIC for quartz crystal oscillating module
SM5022A5H NPCCrystal oscillator module IC
SM5619H7 NPCQuartz crystal oscillating IC
SM5610K5 NPCIC for quartz crystal oscillating module
SM8513S NPCSyncshronous/asynchronous converter LSI
SM5840JS NPCAudio multi-finction digital filter

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