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QS7785PF SM5610N5S CF5004B3 CF5705AD SM5610K3 CF5009AL3 SM6702-30HA SM5010AN1S SM5128A1N SM5165AV SM5813AF CF5760EA CF5746ABA SM5617NB SM5009AL3S SM5009AH4S PLL2001 SM5006BKCS CF5760CC CF5732HA SM6102S SM5882AS SM6702-30HB SM8142AV CF5746ADC SM5902AF SM5828BC SM5885CS

NPC Datasheets Catalog-15

Partea NuProducătorCerere
SM5872AS NPCDigital audio D/A converter with built-in digital filter, 256fs or 512fs selected
SM5010AH3S NPCCrystal oscillator module IC
QS7785PF NPC3D 2/4-channel stereo surround synthesizer
SM5610N5S NPCIC for quartz crystal oscillating module
CF5004B3 NPCQuartz crystal oscillator IC
CF5705AD NPCAnalog watch stepping motor driver
SM5610K3 NPCIC for quartz crystal oscillating module
CF5009AL3 NPCCrystal oscillator module, 2.7V to 5.5V
SM6702-30HA NPCPFM step-up DC/DC converter
SM5010AN1S NPCCrystal oscillator module IC
SM5128A1N NPCCB transceiver system LSI
SM5165AV NPCPLL synthesizer IC
SM5813AF NPCEight-times oversampling digital filter for digital audio
CF5760EA NPCAnalog clock CMOS IC
CF5746ABA NPCAnalog clock CMOS IC
SM5617NB NPCIC for quartz crystal oscillating module
SM5009AL3S NPCCrystal oscillator module, 2.7V to 5.5V
SM5009AH4S NPCCrystal oscillator module, 2.7 to 5.5V
PLL2001 NPCSerial input PLL frequency synthesizer
SM5006BKCS NPCCrystal oscillator module IC
CF5760CC NPCAnalog clock CMOS IC
CF5732HA NPCAnalog clock CMOS IC
SM6102S NPC8-bit, flash A/D converter
SM5882AS NPCAudio 3rd-order D/A converter
SM6702-30HB NPCPFM step-up DC/DC converter
SM8142AV NPCEL sheet driver
CF5746ADC NPCAnalog clock CMOS IC
SM5902AF NPCCompression and non compression type shock-proof memory controller
SM5828BC NPC8-bit advanced shift register
SM5885CS NPCAudio 3rd-order D/A converter

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