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M6103S SM5160CM SM5610K3S SM1140XXP SM5128A1V SM6104P1 CF5003AD CF5732KA SM8223A SM5872BN SM5004A1H SM6611EAH SM5617HB SM5006AHDS SM8530B SM6102P SM5901AF CF5010AH4-1 SM8222AP CF5010DN1-1 SM6011S SM6610BH CF5006AHD-1 M1108 SM5010BN2S SM5619H1 SM5006ANCS SM5006BNES

NPC Datasheets Catalog-6

Partea NuProducătorCerere
SM5849AF NPCAsynchronous sample rate converter
CF5746BCA NPCAnalog clock CMOS IC
SM6103S NPCCMOS 8-bit A/D converter
SM5160CM NPCProgramable PLL frequency synthesizer
SM5610K3S NPCIC for quartz crystal oscillating module
SM1140XXP NPCChord melody
SM5128A1V NPCCB transceiver system LSI
SM6104P1 NPC6-bit flash A/D converter
CF5003AD NPCQuartz crystal oscillator IC, 55 to 70 MHz
CF5732KA NPCAnalog clock CMOS IC
SM8223A NPCFSK Decoder and DTMF receiver IC
SM5872BN NPCDigital audio D/A converter with built-in digital filter, 384fs
SM5004A1H NPCQuartz crystal oscillator IC
SM6611EAH NPCMiniature high-precision temperature switch IC, output switch temperature 85C
SM5617HB NPCIC for quartz crystal oscillating module
SM5006AHDS NPCCrystal oscillator module IC
SM8530B NPCStandard bus interface decoder
SM6102P NPC8-bit, flash A/D converter
SM5901AF NPCMemory controller with built-in 1M DRAM
CF5010AH4-1 NPCCrystal oscillator module IC
SM8222AP NPCCaller ID service IC with call waiting, 2.7 to 3.3 V operation
CF5010DN1-1 NPCCrystal oscillator module IC
SM6011S NPCHigh-speed data converter
SM6610BH NPCCMOS monolithic temperature sensor IC
CF5006AHD-1 NPCCrystal oscillator module IC
M1108 NPCMelody IC
SM5010BN2S NPCCrystal oscillator module IC
SM5619H1 NPCQuartz crystal oscillating IC
SM5006ANCS NPCCrystal oscillator module IC
SM5006BNES NPCCrystal oscillator module IC

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