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147L LTC1605 LTC1596AISW LTC1060CS LTC1686 LT1001ACJ8 LTC1390 LTC1276ACN LTC1090 LTC1291CMJ8 LT1033 LTC1148HVCN LTC221CJ LTC1481 LTC1197CMS8 LT1013CJ8 LT1675 LT1027 LT1003 LTC201A LT137A LT2178CS8 LTC1596-1AISW LTC1383 LT1078IN8 LT1573 LT580 LTC1278

Linear Datasheets Catalog-35

Partea NuProducătorCerere
LTC1550 LinearLow Noise, Switched Capacitor-Regulated Voltage Inverters
LTC1701 Linear1MHz Step-Down DC/DC Converter in SOT-23
LTC1147L LinearHigh Efficiency Step-Down Switching Regulator Controllers
LTC1605 Linear16-Bit, 100ksps, Sampling ADC
LTC1596AISW LinearSerial 16-bit multiplying DACs
LTC1060CS LinearUniversal Dual Filter Building Block
LTC1686 Linear52Mbps Precision Delay RS485 Fail-Safe Transceivers
LT1001ACJ8 LinearPrecision operational amplifier
LTC1390 Linear8-Channel Analog Multiplexer with Serial Interface
LTC1276ACN Linear12-Bit, 300ksps sampling A/D converter with reference
LTC1090 LinearSingle Chip 10-Bit Data Acquisition System
LTC1291CMJ8 LinearSingle chip 12-Bit data acquisition system
LT1033 Linear3A. Negative Adjustable Regulator
LTC1148HVCN LinearHigh efficiency synchronous step-down switching regulators
LTC221CJ LinearMicropower, low charge injection, quad CMOS analog switches with data latches
LTC1481 LinearUltra-Low Power RS485 Transceiver with Shutdown
LTC1197CMS8 Linear10-Bit, 500ksps ADCs in MSOP with auto shutdown
LT1013CJ8 LinearDual precision operational amplifier
LT1675 Linear250MHz, Triple and Single RGB Multiplexer with Current Feedback Amplifiers
LT1027 LinearPrecision 5 Volt Reference
LT1003 Linear5 Volt, 5 Amp Voltage Regulator
LTC201A LinearMicropower, Low Charge Injection, Quad CMOS Analog Switches
LT137A LinearNegative Adjustable Regulator
LT2178CS8 Linear17uA max, dual, single supply, precision operational amplifier
LTC1596-1AISW LinearSerial 16-bit multiplying DACs
LTC1383 Linear5V Low Power RS232 Transceiver
LT1078IN8 LinearMicropower, dual, single supply, precision Op. Amp.
LT1573 LinearLow Dropout Regulator Driver
LT580 LinearPrecision References
LTC1278 Linear12-Bit, 500ksps Sampling A/D Converter with Shutdown

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