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012AMH LT1020 LT1172MK LTC1442 OP37 LT1077AMJ8 LT1010CK LTC1286CN8 LT1761ES5-2 LTC1754-5 LT1129-5 LTC1596-1CCSW LTC1165CS8 LTC1538-AUX LT1117CM-5 LT1086CM-3.3 LTC1263 LTC1335CN LT1009CMS8 LT1529 LT1011CJ8 LT1012AIS8 RH119 LT685CJ LT1579 LTC1197LIS8 LTC1596BCN LT1270A

Linear Datasheets Catalog-29

Partea NuProducătorCerere
LT1106 LinearMicropower Step-Up DC/DC Converter for PCMCIA Card Flash Memory
LT1013DS8 LinearDual precision operational amplifier
LT1012AMH LinearPicoamp input current, microvolt offset, low noise operational amplifier
LT1020 LinearMicropower Regulator and Comparator
LT1172MK Linear100kHz, 1.25A high efficiency switching regulator
LTC1442 LinearUltralow Power Single/Dual Comparator with Reference
OP37 LinearLow Noise, High Speed Precision Operational Amplifiers
LT1077AMJ8 LinearMicropower, single supply, precision Op. Amp.
LT1010CK LinearFast +/-150mA power buffer
LTC1286CN8 LinearMicropower sampling 12-Bit A/D converters
LT1761ES5-2 Linear100mA, low noise, LDO micropower regulators, output 2V
LTC1754-5 LinearMicropower, Regulated 3.3V/5V Charge Pump with Shutdown in SOT-23
LT1129-5 LinearMicropower Low Dropout Regulators with Shutdown
LTC1596-1CCSW LinearSerial 16-bit multiplying DACs
LTC1165CS8 LinearTriple 1.8V to 6V high-side MOSFET drivers
LTC1538-AUX LinearDual High Efficiency, Low Noise, Synchronous Step-Down Switching Regulators
LT1117CM-5 Linear800mA low dropout positive regulators, output 5V
LT1086CM-3.3 Linear1.5A low dropout positive regulators fixed 3.3V
LTC1263 Linear12V, 60mA Flash Memory Programming Supply
LTC1335CN Linear4-EIA562 transceiver /2-RS485 transceiver
LT1009CMS8 Linear2.5V Reference
LT1529 Linear3A Low Dropout Regulators with Micropower Quiescent Current and Shutdown
LT1011CJ8 LinearVoltage comparator
LT1012AIS8 LinearPicoamp input current, microvolt offset, low noise operational amplifier
RH119 LinearHigh Performance Dual Comparator
LT685CJ LinearHigh speed comparator
LT1579 Linear300mA Dual Input Smart Battery Backup Regulator
LTC1197LIS8 Linear10-Bit, 500ksps ADCs in MSOP with auto shutdown
LTC1596BCN LinearSerial 16-bit multiplying DACs
LT1270A Linear8A and 10A High Efficiency Switching Regulators

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