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LT1372HVIS8 LTC4002ES8-4.2 LT1076CT7 LTC1177ISW-12 LTC1440CN8 LTC1545 LT1134AIN LTC1060 LT1511CSW LT1008IN8 LTC7543 LT1205 LT1080CJ LT1073CN8-12 LTC1405 LT1086IM LTC1322IS LT1073CS8-12 LT1012 LTC1096CN8 LM129BH LT1930AES5 LTC1159CG-3.3 LTC1574 LT1014IN SG1524 LT1083MK-12 LT1010C

Linear Datasheets Catalog-30

Partea NuProducătorCerere
LT1085MK-12 Linear3A low dropout positive fixed 12V regulator
LT1001MH LinearPrecision operational amplifier
LT1372HVIS8 Linear500kHz and 1MHz high efficiency 1.5A switching regulators
LTC4002ES8-4.2 LinearStandalone Li-Ion switch mode battery charger
LT1076CT7 LinearStep-down switching regulator, 2A onboard switch, 100kHz switching frequency
LTC1177ISW-12 LinearIsolated MOSFET drivers
LTC1440CN8 LinearUltralow power single/dual comparator with reference
LTC1545 LinearSoftware-Selectable Multiprotocol Transceiver
LT1134AIN LinearAdvanced low power 5V RS232 4-drivers 4-receivers with small capacitors
LTC1060 LinearUniversal Dual Filter Building Block
LT1511CSW LinearConstant-current/ constant-voltage 3A battery charger with input current limiting
LT1008IN8 LinearPicoamp input current, microvolt offset, low noise operational amplifier
LTC7543 LinearImproved Industry Standard Serial 12-Bit Multiplying DACs
LT1205 Linear150MHz Video Multiplexers
LT1080CJ LinearAdvanced low power 5V RS232 dual driver/receiver
LT1073CN8-12 LinearMicropower DC-DC converter fixed 12V
LTC1405 Linear12-Bit, 5Msps, Sampling ADC
LT1086IM Linear1.5A low dropout positive regulators adjustable
LTC1322IS Linear4-EIA562/RS232 transceiver /2-RS485 transceiver
LT1073CS8-12 LinearMicropower DC-DC converter fixed 12V
LT1012 LinearPicoamp Input Current, Microvolt Offset, Low Noise Op Amp
LTC1096CN8 LinearMicropower sampling 8-bit serial I/O A/D converters, 16ms conversion time, 5V operation
LM129BH Linear6.9V precision voltage reference
LT1930AES5 Linear1A, 2.2MHz, step-up DC/DC converters, 12V at 250mA from 5V input
LTC1159CG-3.3 LinearHigh efficiency synchronous step-down switching regulators
LTC1574 LinearHigh Efficiency Step-Down DC/DC Converters with Internal Schottky Diode
LT1014IN LinearQuad precision operational amplifier
SG1524 LinearRegulating Pulse Width Modulator
LT1083MK-12 Linear7.5A low dropout positive fixed 12V regulator
LT1010CN8 LinearFast +/-150mA power buffer

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