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IN8 LTC1265CS-5 LTC1148HVCS-5 LTC1436A-PLL LT1076IT LT1120 LT1587-1.5 LT1077AMJ8 LT1963ES8-1.8 LTC692CS8 LT1376CS8 LT1028 LTC1596-1CCN LT1014CJ LTC1100 LT1767EMS8 RH1021-7 LT1086CK-5 LT1719 LTC1272-8CCS LTC1098LCS8 LTC1986 LT1074HVCT7 LT1011MJ8 LT1138ACSW LT1370 LTC1416 LTC1754-3

Linear Datasheets Catalog-18

Partea NuProducătorCerere
LTC1064-1CN LinearLow noise, 8th order, clock sweepable elliptic lowpass filter
LTC1595BIN8 LinearSerial 16-bit multiplying DACs
LTC1265CS-5 Linear1.2A, high efficiency step-down DC/DC converter, output 5V
LTC1148HVCS-5 LinearHigh efficiency synchronous step-down switching regulators, Uout=5V
LTC1436A-PLL LinearHigh Efficiency Low Noise Synchronous Step-Down Switching Regulators
LT1076IT LinearStep-down switching regulator, 2A onboard switch, 100kHz switching frequency
LT1120 LinearMicropower Regulator with Comparator and Shutdown
LT1587-1.5 LinearFixed 1.5V, 3A Low Dropout Fast Response GTL+ Regulator
LT1077AMJ8 LinearMicropower, single supply, precision Op. Amp.
LT1963ES8-1.8 Linear1.5A, low noise, fast transient response LDO regulator, 1.8V
LTC692CS8 LinearMicroprocessor supervisory circuits
LT1376CS8 Linear1.5A, 500kHz step-down switching regulators
LT1028 LinearUltra Low Noise Precision High Speed Op Amps
LTC1596-1CCN LinearSerial 16-bit multiplying DACs
LT1014CJ LinearQuad precision operational amplifier
LTC1100 LinearPrecision, Chopper-Stabilized Instrumentation Amplifier
LT1767EMS8 LinearMonolithic 1.5A, 1.25MHz step-ddown switching regulator
RH1021-7 LinearPrecision 7V Reference
LT1086CK-5 Linear1.5A low dropout positive regulators fixed 5V
LT1719 Linear4.5ns Single/Dual Supply 3V/5V Comparator with Rail-to-Rail Output
LTC1272-8CCS Linear12-Bit, 8us, 250kHz sampling A/D converter
LTC1098LCS8 LinearMicropower sampling 8-bit serial I/O A/D converters, 16ms conversion time, 3V operation
LTC1986 Linear3V/5V SIM Power Supply in SOT-23
LT1074HVCT7 LinearStep-down switching regulator, 5A onboard switch, 100kHz switching frequency
LT1011MJ8 LinearVoltage comparator
LT1138ACSW LinearAdvanced low power 5V RS232 5-drivers 3-receivers with shutdown
LT1370 Linear500kHz High Efficiency 6A Switching Regulator
LTC1416 LinearLow Power 14-Bit, 400ksps Sampling ADC
LTC1754-3.3 LinearMicropower, Regulated 3.3V/5V Charge Pump with Shutdown in SOT-23
LT1076CR LinearStep-down switching regulator, 2A onboard switch, 100kHz switching frequency

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