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LT2078 LT1683EG LT1302 LTC1709EG-9 LT1962EMS8-5 LTC1799CS5 LT1082 LT1070MK LTC1174HVCS8-3.3 LT1328 LTC1661 LT1787HV LT1008CN8 LTC1556 LT1513 LT1136ACSW LT1011CN8 LT1244 LT1181ACN LTC1255IS8 LT1963AEST-1.5 LTC1177-5 LTC1421IG-2.5 LT1085MK-5 LTC1660 LT1241 LTC1159-5 LT1074IT7

Linear Datasheets Catalog-15

Partea NuProducătorCerere
LTC1091CN8 Linear2-channel, 10-bit serial I/O data acquisition systems
LT1072CT Linear1.25A high effciency switching regulator
LT2078 LinearMicropower, Dual and Quad, Single Supply, Precision Op Amps
LT1683EG LinearUltralow noise push-pull DC/DC controller
LT1302 LinearMicropower High Output Current Step-Up Adjustable and Fixed 5V DC/DC Converters
LTC1709EG-9 Linear2-phase, 5-bit VID, current mode, high efficiency, synchronous step-down switching regulators
LT1962EMS8-5 Linear300mA, low noise, micropower LDO regulators, 5V output
LTC1799CS5 Linear1kHz to 33MHz resistor set oscillator
LT1082 Linear1A High Voltage, EfficiencySwitching Voltage Regulator
LT1070MK Linear5A High efficiency switching regulators
LTC1174HVCS8-3.3 LinearHigh efficiency step-down and inverting DC/DC converter
LT1328 Linear4Mbps IrDA Infrared Receiver
LTC1661 LinearMicropower Dual 10-Bit DAC in MSOP
LT1787HV LinearPrecision, High Side Current Sense Amplifiers
LT1008CN8 LinearPicoamp input current, microvolt offset, low noise operational amplifier
LTC1556 LinearSIM Power Supply and Level Translator
LT1513 LinearSEPIC Constant- or Programmable-Current/ Constant-Voltage Battery Charger
LT1136ACSW LinearAdvanced low power 5V RS232 4-drivers 5-receivers with shutdown
LT1011CN8 LinearVoltage comparator
LT1244 LinearHigh Speed Current Mode Pulse Width Modulators
LT1181ACN LinearLow power 5V RS232 dual driver/receiver with 0.1mF capacitors
LTC1255IS8 LinearDual 24V high-side MOSFET driver
LT1963AEST-1.5 Linear1.5A, low noise, fast transient response LDO regulator, 1.5V
LTC1177-5 LinearIsolated MOSFET Drivers
LTC1421IG-2.5 LinearHot swap controller
LT1085MK-5 Linear3A low dropout positive fixed 5V regulator
LTC1660 LinearMicropower Octal 8-Bit and 10-Bit DACs
LT1241 LinearHigh Speed Current Mode Pulse Width Modulators
LTC1159-5 LinearHigh Efficiency Synchronous Step-Down Switching Regulators
LT1074IT7 LinearStep-down switching regulator, 5A onboard switch, 100kHz switching frequency

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