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LTC1421IG LT1612 LTC1061 LTC1622 LTC1275 LTC1266-5 LTC1477 LT1577 LT1521 LTC1519 LTC1064ACN LTC1321CN LT1381CS LTC1090AMJ LT1018 LT1269 LT1132AISW LT1083CP-5 LTC1290CMJ LTC1598IG LT2079AC LTC1063MJ8 LTC1197LIMS8 LT1072HVMK LT1024 LT1227 LT1037 RH129

Linear Datasheets Catalog-13

Partea NuProducătorCerere
LTC1261L LinearSwitched Capacitor Regulated Voltage Inverter
LTC1064-3CS LinearLow noise, high frequency, 8th order linear phase lowpass filter
LTC1421IG LinearHot swap controller
LT1612 LinearSynchronous, Step-Down 800kHz PWM DC/DC Converter
LTC1061 LinearHigh Performance TripleUniversal Filter Building Block
LTC1622 LinearLow Input Voltage Current Mode Step-Down DC/DC Controller
LTC1275 Linear12-Bit, 300ksps Sampling A/D Converters with Reference
LTC1266-5 LinearSynchronous Regulator Controller for N- or P-Channel MOSFETs
LTC1477 LinearSingle and Dual Protected High Side Switches
LT1577 LinearUltrafast Transient Response, Low Dropout Regulators Adjustable and Fixed
LT1521 Linear300mA Low Dropout Regulators with Micropower Quiescent Current and Shutdown
LTC1519 LinearHigh Speed, Precision Delay RS485 Quad Line Receivers
LTC1064ACN LinearLow noise, fast, quad universal filter building block
LTC1321CN Linear2-EIA562/RS232 transceiver /2-RS485 transceiver
LT1381CS LinearLow power 5V RS232 dual driver/receiver with 0.1mF capacitors
LTC1090AMJ LinearSingle chip 10-bit data acquisition system
LT1018 LinearMicropower Dual Comparator
LT1269 Linear4A High Efficiency Switching Regulators
LT1132AISW LinearAdvanced low power 5V RS232 5-drivers 3-receivers with small capacitors
LT1083CP-5 Linear7.5A low dropout positive fixed 5V regulator
LTC1290CMJ LinearSingle chip 12-bit data acquisition system
LTC1598IG Linear8-channel, micropower sampling 12-bit serial I/O A/D converter
LT2079AC LinearMicropower, quad, single supply, precision operational amplifier
LTC1063MJ8 LinearDC accurate, clock-tunable 5th order butterworth lowpass filter
LTC1197LIMS8 Linear10-Bit, 500ksps ADCs in MSOP with auto shutdown
LT1072HVMK Linear1.25A high effciency switching regulator
LT1024 LinearDual, Matched Picoampere, Microvolt Input, Low Noise Op Amp
LT1227 Linear140MHz Video Current Feedback Amplifier
LT1037 LinearLow Noise, High Speed Precision Operational Amplifiers
RH129 Linear6.9V Precision Reference

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