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SMP1340-003 SMV2022 AA105-86 SMV1234-011 SMV1213-079 SMP1322-005 SMV1400-114 SMS7630-076 SMV2020 AA280-25 AS196-307 SMS3922-079 SMV1400-11 SMV1245-011 AFP02N8-213 SMV1146-011 SMV2023 AFP02N8-000 PD19-73 AA109-310 DMF3946-103 AM028S1-A2 PS094-315 SPD1103-111 DMF3949-106 DMF3930-1

Alpha Datasheets Catalog-6

Partea NuProducătorCerere
AS148-24 AlphaGaAs IC high isolation positive control SPDT switch DC-2.5 GHz
SMV1204-199 AlphaVaractor diode
SMP1340-003 AlphaFast switching speed, low capacitance plastic packaged pin diode
SMV2022 AlphaSilicon hyperabrupt varactor diode chip
AA105-86 AlphaGaAs IC 4 bit digital attenuator 1 dB LSB positive control 0.5-3 GHz
SMV1234-011 AlphaHyperabrupt tuning varactor
SMV1213-079 AlphaHyperabrupt junction tuning varactor
SMP1322-005 AlphaLow resistance plastic packaged PIN diode
SMV1400-114 AlphaVaractor diode
SMS7630-076 AlphaSurface mount mixer and detector schottky diode
SMV2020 AlphaSilicon hyperabrupt varactor diode chip
AA280-25 AlphaGaAs IC 5 bit digital attenuator 0.5 dB LSB DC-2 GHz
AS196-307 AlphaGaAs IC high isolation SPDT non-reflective switch with driver DC-6 GHz
SMS3922-079 AlphaSurface mount general purpose schottky diode
SMV1400-11 AlphaVaractor diode
SMV1245-011 AlphaHyperabrupt junction tuning varactor
AFP02N8-213 AlphaGeneral purpose PHEMT chip
SMV1146-011 AlphaHyperabrupt junction tuning varactor
SMV2023 AlphaSilicon hyperabrupt varactor diode chip
AFP02N8-000 AlphaGeneral purpose PHEMT chip
PD19-73 AlphaTwo-way 0 power splitter combiner 1.71-1.99 GHz
AA109-310 AlphaGaAs IC 5 bit digital attenuator with serial-to-parallel driver 0.5-2.5 GHz
DMF3946-103 AlphaChip on board mixer quad (to 6 GHz)
AM028S1-A2 Alpha26-33 GHz GaAs MMIC surface mount balanced down converter mixer
PS094-315 AlphaLGA packaged phase shifter for GSM base station
SPD1103-111 AlphaSampling phase detector
DMF3949-106 AlphaChip on board mixer quad (to 10 GHz)
DMF3930-102 AlphaChip on board mixer quad (to 6 GHz)
SMV1234-004 AlphaHyperabrupt tuning varactor
AV107-59 AlphaGaAs IC 35 dB voltage variable attenuator single positive 3 V control 0.5-2.5 GHz

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