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134 SMV1104-35 SMV1235-074 SMS3924-015 AF002N2-32 AS178-73 AA107-310 SMS3924-004 SMV1255-073 AA038N3-00 SMP1302-027 SMV1147-011 SMS7621-079 SMV1204-05 AM035N5-00 SMV1212-004 SMV1266-011 SMV1400-21 AA038N1-00 SMV1204-04 SMP1320-079 AA028P2-99 SMV1247-074 AM028S1-A2 AM038R1-00 SMV1

Alpha Datasheets Catalog-14

Partea NuProducătorCerere
SMS3924-001 AlphaSurface mount general purpose schottky diode
SMV1204-134 AlphaVaractor diode
SMV1104-35 AlphaVaractor diode
SMV1235-074 AlphaHyperabrupt tuning varactor
SMS3924-015 AlphaSurface mount general purpose schottky diode
AF002N2-32 AlphaGaAs IC 15dB voltage variable attenuator single control DC-2 GHz
AS178-73 AlphaPHEMT GaAs IC high linearity positive control SPDT switch DC-2 GHz
AA107-310 AlphaGaAs IC 5 bit digital attenuator with serial-to-parallel driver DC-2 GHz
SMS3924-004 AlphaSurface mount general purpose schottky diode
SMV1255-073 AlphaHyperabrupt tuning varactor
AA038N3-00 Alpha37-40 GHz GaAs MMIC low noise amplifier
SMP1302-027 AlphaSwitch and attenuator plastic packaged PIN diode
SMV1147-011 AlphaHyperabrupt junction tuning varactor
SMS7621-079 AlphaSurface mount mixer and detector schottky diode
SMV1204-05 AlphaVaractor diode
AM035N5-00 Alpha32-37 GHz GaAs MMIC ring hybrid mixer
SMV1212-004 AlphaHyperabrupt junction tuning varactor
SMV1266-011 AlphaHyperabrupt junction tuning varactor
SMV1400-21 AlphaVaractor diode
AA038N1-00 Alpha28-40 GHz GaAs MMIC low noise amplifier
SMV1204-04 AlphaVaractor diode
SMP1320-079 AlphaLow resistance low capacitance plastic packaged PIN diode
AA028P2-99 Alpha25-31 GHz amplifier
SMV1247-074 AlphaHyperabrupt tuning varactor
AM028S1-A2 Alpha26-33 GHz GaAs surface mount single balanced down converter mixer
AM038R1-00 Alpha33-43 GHz GaAs MMIC image rejection balanced mixer
SMV1104-33 AlphaVaractor diode
AS183-92 AlphaPHEMT GaAs IC SPDT switch DC-2.5 GHz
AA028P2-00 Alpha23.5-26.5 GHz GaAs MMIC driver amplifier
SMV1401-98 AlphaVaractor diode

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