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MV1251-004 SMV1234-073 SMP1320-004 SMS3925-079 SMV1253-004 SMP1302-003 DMK2308-000 SMV1400-115 SMS3924-075 AA028P2-A2 AV850M2-A2 SMP1302-004 AT006N3-00 AM035N4-00 AV132-315 DMF3948-106 SMV2019 SMP1307-011 AA022N1-00 SMV1400-10 SMP1302-005 SMV1200-153 AV101-12 AA022P1-00 SMV1213-0

Alpha Datasheets Catalog-11

Partea NuProducătorCerere
AS185-92 AlphaPHEMT GaAs IC high linearity positive control SPDT switch DC-2 GHz
AS195-306 AlphaPHEMT GaAs IC high power SP5T switch 0.1-2 GHz
SMV1251-004 AlphaHyperabrupt tuning varactor
SMV1234-073 AlphaHyperabrupt tuning varactor
SMP1320-004 AlphaLow resistance low capacitance plastic packaged PIN diode
SMS3925-079 AlphaLow capacitance high voltage schottky diode
SMV1253-004 AlphaHyperabrupt tuning varactor
SMP1302-003 AlphaSwitch and attenuator plastic packaged PIN diode
DMK2308-000 AlphaGaSa flip chip schottky diode
SMV1400-115 AlphaVaractor diode
SMS3924-075 AlphaSurface mount general purpose schottky diode
AA028P2-A2 Alpha25-31 GHz surface mount amplifier
AV850M2-A2 Alpha18-40 GHz surface mount voltage variable attenuator
SMP1302-004 AlphaSwitch and attenuator plastic packaged PIN diode
AT006N3-00 AlphaGaAs 30 dB IC voltage variable dual control attenuator DC-6 GHz
AM035N4-00 Alpha32-37 GHz GaAs MMIC ring hybrid mixer
AV132-315 AlphaHIP3 variable attenuator for DCS and PCS base station
DMF3948-106 AlphaChip on board mixer quad (to 10 GHz)
SMV2019 AlphaSilicon hyperabrupt varactor diode chip
SMP1307-011 AlphaVery low distortion attenuator plastic packaged PIN diode
AA022N1-00 Alpha21-22 GHz GaAs MMIC low noise amplifier
SMV1400-10 AlphaVaractor diode
SMP1302-005 AlphaSwitch and attenuator plastic packaged PIN diode
SMV1200-153 AlphaVaractor diode
AV101-12 AlphaHIP3 variable attenuator 0.8-1 GHz
AA022P1-00 Alpha18-23 GHz GaAs MMIC power amplifier
SMV1213-074 AlphaHyperabrupt junction tuning varactor
AP640R7-00 Alpha24-35 GHz GaAs MMIC high power SPST reflective PIN switch
SMP1321-001 AlphaLow capacitance plastic packaged PIN diode
SMV1145-079 AlphaHyperabrupt junction tuning varactor

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