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W78354E W91472C W91632 W91F822N W49F020Q-70B W78C58F-24 W78C52DP-24 W83194R-67A W78C516-40 W986432AH W83194BR-138 W99200AF W24L11-70L W91473AL W78E54P-24 W29C020C-70B W24512AS-15 W29EE512T-70B W49L201T-70 W29EE011T90B W78LE52P-24 W27C020P-90 W91560DNH W49F002UT90B W78E58-16 W78E

Winbond Datasheets Catalog-6

Partea NuProducătorCerere
W83194R-58 Winbond100 MHz AGP clock for VIA chipset
W91531ALN Winbond13-memory tone/pulse dialer with save, keytone and handfree functions
W78354E WinbondMonitor microcontroller
W91472C Winbond6-memory tone/pulse dialer with handfree and save functions
W91632 Winbond10-memory tone/pulse dialer with redial functions
W91F822N Winbond13-flash memory tone/pulse dialer with hzndfree, lock and hold functions
W49F020Q-70B Winbond256K8 CMOS flash memory
W78C58F-24 Winbond8-bit microcontroller
W78C52DP-24 Winbond8-bit microcontroller
W83194R-67A Winbond100 MHz 3-dimm clock for VIA MVP4
W78C516-40 Winbond8-bit microcontroller
W986432AH Winbond512K 4 banks 32 bits high speed synchronous dinamic RAM
W83194BR-138 Winbond200 MHz clock for solano chipset
W99200AF WinbondMPEG-1 video encoder
W24L11-70L Winbond1288 normal speed, very low power CMOS static RAM
W91473AL Winbond14-memory tone/pulse switchable dialer with handfree and lock functions
W78E54P-24 Winbond8-bit microcontroller
W29C020C-70B Winbond256K8 CMOS flash memory
W24512AS-15 Winbond64K8 bits high speed, low power CMOS static RAM
W29EE512T-70B Winbond64K8 CMOS flash memory
W49L201T-70 Winbond128K16 CMOS 3.3V flash memory
W29EE011T90B Winbond128K8 CMOS flash memory
W78LE52P-24 Winbond8-bit MTP microcontroller
W27C020P-90 Winbond256K8 bits high speed, low power electrically erasable EPROM
W91560DNH Winbond10-memory tone/pulse dialer with LCD and RTC display functions
W49F002UT90B Winbond256K8 CMOS flash memory
W78E58-16 Winbond8-bit microcontroller
W78E54P-16 Winbond8-bit microcontroller
W29C020C-12B Winbond256K8 CMOS flash memory
W27E010-90 Winbond128K8 bits high speed, low power electrically erasable EPROM

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