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H W83977TF-PW W91F810AN W83178S W78E58-40 W83759A W741L250 W2465-10LL W29C011AP-15 W24258S-70LI W29EE512T-70 W49F201T-55 W78C438CP-40 W78C52D-24 W9145 I5216P W921E400A W78E54F-40 W83627HF-PW W29EE512T-90B W29C020-70 W27C010-70 W91473C W88113CF W24L010AJ-15 W29C020CP70B W9951TF W2

Winbond Datasheets Catalog-26

Partea NuProducătorCerere
W78C516P-40 Winbond8-bit microcontroller
W91510DNH WinbondTone/pulse dialer with RTC and LCD display functions
W83977TF-PW WinbondI/O chip which UART, IrDA, parallel port, keyboard controller, general purpose I/O ports
W91F810AN Winbond23-flash memory tone/pulse dialer with handfree, lock and hold functions
W83178S Winbond100 MHz 3-dimm SDRAM buffer
W78E58-40 Winbond8-bit microcontroller
W83759A WinbondAdvanced VL-IDE disk controller
W741L250 Winbond4-bit microcontroller
W2465-10LL Winbond8K8 normal speed, very low power CMOS static RAM
W29C011AP-15 Winbond128K x 8 CMOS flash memory, 150ns
W24258S-70LI Winbond328 normal speed, very low power CMOS static RAM
W29EE512T-70 Winbond64K8 CMOS flash memory
W49F201T-55 Winbond256K16 CMOS flash memory
W78C438CP-40 Winbond8-bit microcontroller
W78C52D-24 Winbond8-bit microcontroller
W9145 Winbond15-memory tone/pulse dialer with lock and handfree functions
I5216P Winbond8 to 16 minute vioce record/playback system with integrated codec
W921E400A Winbond4-bit microcontroller
W78E54F-40 Winbond8-bit microcontroller
W83627HF-PW WinbondMulti-I/O UART, infrared, parallel port, keyboard controller, game port, MIDI port, general purpose I/O ports, FDC
W29EE512T-90B Winbond64K8 CMOS flash memory
W29C020-70 Winbond256K8 CMOS flash memory, 70ns
W27C010-70 Winbond64K8 bits high speed, low power electrically erasable EPROM
W91473C Winbond14-memory tone/pulse switchable dialer with handfree and lock functions
W88113CF WinbondATAPI CD-rom decoder & controller
W24L010AJ-15 Winbond128K8 high speed, low power CMOS static RAM
W29C020CP70B Winbond256K8 CMOS flash memory
W9951TF WinbondTrip 8 bit DAC-muxwitngenlock PLL & analogcolor key
W24L010AJ-10 Winbond128K8 high speed, low power CMOS static RAM
W49F102Q45 Winbond64K16 CMOS flash memory

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