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NTE Electronic Datasheets Catalog-68

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NTE1711 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. 2 head recording amplifier for VCR.
NTE7132 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Horizontal and vertical deflection controller for VGA/XGA and multi-frequency monitor.
NTE2503 NTE ElectronicSilicon NPN transistor. High gain switch.
NTE1901 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Negative adjustable voltage regulator -1.2V to -37V, 100mA.
NTE483 NTE ElectronicSilicon NPN transistor. RF power output for mobile use, Po = 18W @ 866 MHz
NTE6072 NTE ElectronicIndustrial silicon recfifier. Cathode to case. Max peak reverse voltage 1000V. Max forward current 70A.
NTE1731 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. CMOS 10 number pulse dialer.
NTE2538 NTE ElectronicSilicon NPN transistor. High voltage, high current switch.
NTE618 NTE ElectronicVaractor silicon tuning diode for AM radio. Reverse voltage 16V.
NTE7028 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Module, 3 output positive voltage regulator for VCR.
NTE1713 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Line noise canceller for VCR.
NTE210 NTE ElectronicSilicon complementary NPN transistor. General purpose output & driver.
NTE5529 NTE ElectronicSilicon controlled rectifier (SCR), 25A. Repetitive peak forward and reverse voltage Vdrm,Vrrm = 600V. RMS forard current It(rms) = 25A.
NTE5862 NTE ElectronicSilicon power rectifier diode. Cathode to case. Max repetitive peak reverse voltage 600V. Average forward current 6A.
NTE5215A NTE ElectronicZener diode, 10 watt, +-5% tolerance. Nominal zener voltage Vz = 68V. Zener test current Izt = 37mA.
NTE5837 NTE ElectronicStud mount standart recovery. Silicon rectifier, 3 Amp. Peak repetitive reverse voltage, DC blocking voltage 300V.
NTE5653 NTE ElectronicTRIAC, 2.5A. Repetitive peak off-state voltage Vdrm = 600V. RMS on-state current 3A.
NTE5633 NTE ElectronicTRIAC, 10A. Repetitive peak off-state voltage Vdrm = 200V. RMS on-state current 10A.
NTE1899 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Dual audio power amplifier, 5.8W (22W BTL)
NTE5252A NTE Electronic50 watt zener diode, +-5% tolerance. Nominal zener voltage Vz = 10.0V. Zener test current Izt = 1200mA.
NTE22 NTE ElectronicSilicon NPN transistor. AF PO, general purpose amplifier, driver.
NTE3105 NTE ElectronicOpto interrupter module. Photo reflector, NPN transistor output.
NTE2013 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. 7-channel darlington array/driver.
NTE195A NTE ElectronicSilicon NPN transistor. RF power amp/driver, CB.
NTE61 NTE ElectronicSilicon complrmentary PNP transistor to NTE60. High power audio, disk head positioner for linear applications.
NTE1396 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. 20W bridge booster for car radio.
NTE5029A NTE ElectronicZener diode, 1/2 watt, + - 5 % tolerance. Nominal zener voltage Vz = 20V, Zener test current Izt = 6.2mA.
NTE320F NTE ElectronicSilicon NPN RF power transistor, 40W @ 175MHz.
NTE6230 NTE ElectronicPowerblock module. Average output current It(av) = 90A. Max repetitive peak reverse voltage (AC line) Vrrm = 1200V(480V).
NTE159 NTE ElectronicSilicon PNP transistor. Audio amplifier, switch (compl to NTE123AP).

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