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L ST230C14C2 ST730C14L3L ST330C08L0 SD1053C22S30L IRFI634G ST280S04M2VL ST230S04M0L ST3230C18R1 309URA160P5 IRFI614G ST230C12C0L SD300N12PBC SD150N14MSC ST1900C52R2L IRLML2803TR SD150OC16L SD600N20MSC IRKH50012 ST2100C40R1L ST180S08P2L SD233N30S50PTC IRLI620G IRG4BC10UD SD600R32M

IR Datasheets Catalog-120

Partea NuProducătorCerere
IR51H214 IRSelf-oscillating half-bridge
ST3230C12R0L IRPhase control thyristor
ST230C14C2 IRPhase control thyristor
ST730C14L3L IRPhase control thyristor
ST330C08L0 IRPhase control thyristor
SD1053C22S30L IRFast recovery diode
IRFI634G IRHEXFET power MOSFET. VDSS = 250V, RDS(on) = 0.45 Ohm, ID = 5.6 A
ST280S04M2VL IRPhase control thyristor
ST230S04M0L IRPhase control thyristor
ST3230C18R1 IRPhase control thyristor
309URA160P5 IRStandard recovery diode
IRFI614G IRHEXFET power MOSFET. VDSS = 250V, RDS(on) = 2.0 Ohm, ID = 2.1 A
ST230C12C0L IRPhase control thyristor
SD300N12PBC IRStandard recovery diode
SD150N14MSC IRStandard recovery diode
ST1900C52R2L IRPhase control thyristor
IRLML2803TR IRN-channel power MOSFET, 30V, 1.2A
SD150OC16L IRStandard recovery diode
SD600N20MSC IRStandard recovery diode
IRKH50012 IRThyristor/diode and thyristor/thyristor
ST2100C40R1L IRPhase control thyristor
ST180S08P2L IRPhase control thyristor
SD233N30S50PTC IRFast recovery diode
IRLI620G IRHEXFET power mosfet
IRG4BC10UD IRInsulated gate bipolar transistor with ultrafast soft recovery diode. VCES = 600V, VCE(on)typ. = 2.150V @ VGE = 15V, IC = 5.0A, tf(typ) = 140ns.
SD600R32MC IRStandard recovery diode
SD103R14S20PC IRFast recovery diode
SD400R24PSC IRStandard recovery diode
SD200R04MC IRStandard recovery diode

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