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S15PBC SD203R25S10PC SD703C12S30L ST303S08PFN3 SD103N20S20PSC IR2110-2 IR2117S SD203R12S10MBC ST180S18M2L ST280S06P2V IRFIZ24E SD233R36S50PC 305UR200 IRF5210S 300HFR80M ST333C04CHK3L ST303S10MFN1 309U200P4 SD203R10S10PC SD103N10S10MBC 301URA120P4 47LFR160D 200HFR40MBV 301U120P2 S

IR Datasheets Catalog-115

Partea NuProducătorCerere
SD150N14MBC IRStandard recovery diode
SD103R25S15PBC IRFast recovery diode
SD203R25S10PC IRFast recovery diode
SD703C12S30L IRFast recovery diode
ST303S08PFN3 IRInverter grade thyristor
SD103N20S20PSC IRFast recovery diode
IR2110-2 IRHigh and low side driver
IR2117S IRSingle channel driver
SD203R12S10MBC IRFast recovery diode
ST180S18M2L IRPhase control thyristor
ST280S06P2V IRPhase control thyristor
IRFIZ24E IRHEXFET power MOSFET. VDSS = 60V, RDS(on) = 0.071 Ohm, ID = 14A
SD233R36S50PC IRFast recovery diode
305UR200 IRStandard recovery diode
IRF5210S IRHEXFET power MOSFET. VDSS = -100V, RDS(on) = 0.06 Ohm, ID = -40A
300HFR80M IRStandard recovery diode
ST333C04CHK3L IRInverter grade thyristor
ST303S10MFN1 IRInverter grade thyristor
309U200P4 IRStandard recovery diode
SD203R10S10PC IRFast recovery diode
SD103N10S10MBC IRFast recovery diode
301URA120P4 IRStandard recovery diode
47LFR160D IRStandard recovery diode
200HFR40MBV IRStandard recovery diode
301U120P2 IRStandard recovery diode
SD233R30S50PSC IRFast recovery diode
IRGPH50FD2 IRInsulated gate bipolar transistor with ultrafast soft recovery diode
SD300R12MC IRStandard recovery diode
SD153R14S10PV IRFast recovery diode
ST330S16M0L IRPhase control thyristor

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