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6602V LA7806 LA6538T LB1890M STK730-040 LC3517AL-12 STK4180K5 2SA1406 CPH5505 DZF15 FX203 LC33832S-10 LA9215 CPH3313 SB10W05Z 2SC4452 L780S12 2SC3068 2SC3915 STK4220K5 LC36256ALL-12W 2SC3664 LA6537M 2SK1467 STK390-120 LA7858 LA6083M LB1980

SANYO Datasheets Catalog-96

Partea NuProducătorCerere
STK400-220 SANYO15W, 3-channel, AF power amplifier (split power supply)
2SB888 SANYOPNP epitaxial planar silicon transistor, driver application
LA6602V SANYOAmplifier for minidisc drive
LA7806 SANYOB/W TV synchronization, deflection circuit
LA6538T SANYOSingle-Phase Full-Wave Fan Motor Driver
LB1890M SANYOFDD sprindle motor driver
STK730-040 SANYOSelf-excitation type semi-regulated (word spec.) switching regulator (210W output)
LC3517AL-12 SANYO120ns, 2048-word x 8-bit CMOS static RAM (SRAM)
STK4180K5 SANYO45W x 2-channel power amplifier
2SA1406 SANYOPNP transistor for CRT display video output applications
CPH5505 SANYOPNP Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistor PNP Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistor
DZF15 SANYOSilicon diffused junction type, 1W zener diode
FX203 SANYOP-channel silicon MOSFET, ultrahigh-speed switching application
LC33832S-10 SANYO256K (32768word x 8bit) Pseudo-SRAM
LA9215 SANYOCD player output amplifier
CPH3313 SANYOP-Channel Silicon MOSFET Ultrahigh-Speed Switching Applications
SB10W05Z SANYOSchottky barrier diode, 50V/1A rectifier
2SC4452 SANYONPN epitaxial planar silicon transistor, high-speed switching application
L780S12 SANYOVoltage regulator with strobe pin, with output voltage 12 V.
2SC3068 SANYONPN transistor for low-frequency general-purpose amplifier applications
2SC3915 SANYONPN transistor for switching applications (with bias resistance)
STK4220K5 SANYO80W x 2-channel power amplifier
LC36256ALL-12W SANYO256 K (32768 words x 8 bit) SRAM
2SC3664 SANYONPN transistor for 400V/20A driver applications
LA6537M SANYO4-channel bridge driver for CD-ROM
2SK1467 SANYON-channel MOS silicon FET, very high-speed switching application
STK390-120 SANYO1-channel + supply switching convergence correction circuits
LA7858 SANYOVery high resolution CTR display synchronization
LA6083M SANYOJ-FET input dual operational amplifier
LB1980 SANYO3-Phase Brushless Motor Driver for VCR Capstan Motors

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