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SC3790 LA7386 GMB01 LC7874E DRA03T 2SA1524 LA1836M VP513 MCH3306 LC7363J LC865020B 2SJ340 VP453 2SC3708 LA1836 FW233 LA6805M 2SA1854 LA6536M 2SK1448 LC8903Q 2SC4135 LC35W1000BTS-10U LC665304A LC8214 2SC3820 LB1290 2SC4002

SANYO Datasheets Catalog-64

Partea NuProducătorCerere
2SD1229 SANYONPN epitaxial planar silicon darlington transistor, driver application
STK400-530 SANYO3-channel (100+50+50W), AF power amplifier (split power supply)
2SC3790 SANYONPN epitaxial planar silicon transistor, high-definition CTR display video-output application
LA7386 SANYONTSC video signal processing LSI for VCR
GMB01 SANYOSilicon epitaxial planar type, very high-speed switching diode
LC7874E SANYOCD graphics decoder
DRA03T SANYOSilicon planar type, 0,3A reverse blocking thyristor
2SA1524 SANYOPNP transistor for switching applications (with bias resistance)
LA1836M SANYOSingle-chip home stereo electronic tuning IC
VP513 SANYOCTR display video output amplifier, high-voltage, wideband amplifier
MCH3306 SANYOUltrahigh-Speed Switching Applications
LC7363J SANYODTMF/PULSE switching dialer
LC865020B SANYO8-bit (20480 x 8bit ROM) single-chip microcontroller
2SJ340 SANYOP-Channel Silicon MOSFET Ultrahigh-Speed Switching Applications
VP453 SANYOCTR display video output amplifier
2SC3708 SANYONPN transistor for low-frequency driver applications
LA1836 SANYOSingle-chip home stereo electronic tuning IC
FW233 SANYON-Channel Silicon MOSFET Load Switching Applications
LA6805M SANYOLow-voltage power amp for speech synthesis output
2SA1854 SANYOPNP epitaxial planar silicon transistor, 20V/5A switching application
LA6536M SANYO4-channel bridge driver for compact disc player
2SK1448 SANYON-channel MOS silicon FET, very high-speed switching application
LC8903Q SANYODigital audio interface receiver
2SC4135 SANYONPN epitaxial planar silicon transistor, high-voltage switching application
LC35W1000BTS-10U SANYOAsynchronous Silicon Gate 1M (131,072 words x8 bits) SRAM
LC665304A SANYO4-bit single-chip microcontroller with 4 KB of on-chip ROM
LC8214 SANYOFacsimile controller
2SC3820 SANYONPN epitaxial planar silicon transistor, high h(FE), AF amp application
LB1290 SANYO8-channel driver array
2SC4002 SANYONPN epitaxial planar silicon transistor, high-voltage driver application

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