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Pentru a găsi specifice Novatekfoi, căutare okDatasheet de număr sau parte componentă descriere. Dvs. va fi prezentată o listă cu toate piesele se potrivesc cu Novatek datasheets. Faceţi clic pe orice enumerate componente electronice pentru a vedea mai multe detalii, inclusiv orice cerinţelor.
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Partea NuCerere
NT7605-BDW01 Single-chip 20C x 2L dot-matrix LCD controller/driver
NT91214A Tone/pulse dialer
NT7603H-BDB01 Single-chip 16C x 2L dot-matrix LCD controller/driver
NT3881DH-01 Dot matrix LCD controller and driver
NT3881DF-01 Dot matrix LCD controller and driver
NT6880H Keyboard controller
NT7181FQ LVDS transmitter 24bit color host-LCD display panel interface
NT6828K IIC bus controlled on-screen display
NT7703H-TAB18 160 output LCD segment/common driver
NT6880 Keyboard controller
NT7702H-BDT 240 output LCD segment/common driver
NT7704H-TABF4 240 output LCD segment/common driver
NT68P81 USB keyboard micro-controller
NT3960 TFT LCD source driver
NT3967 TFT LCD source driver
NT68F62U 8-bit microcontroller for monitor
NT6827 IIC bus controlled on-screen display
NT6868CH Keyboard controller
NT68P81H USB keyboard micro-controller
NT7603H-BDT01 Single-chip 16C x 2L dot-matrix LCD controller/driver
NT6881 USB keyboard micro-controller
NT91215D Tone/pulse dialer
NT6862 8-bit microcontroller for monitor
NT3966 TFT LCD source driver
NT3882H Dot matrix LCD 40-channel driver
NT7502H-BDT 75 x 132 RAM-map LCD controller driver
NT6861U 8-bit microcontroller for monitor
NT3883H Dot matrix LCD 80-channel driver

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Today's ever-increasing needs for consumer electronics ranging from personal mobile devices to large-size home and OA equipment has triggered a soaring demand for innovative semiconductor solutions. Novatek, has emerged as the leading global flat panel display solution provider and market leader, offering a full range of display driver ICs & SoC solutions to revolutionize the performance & capabilities on every digital device. Thanks to the availability of advanced silicon foundry services in its backyard and the dynamic market for digital products, Novatek has successfully diversified its product lines and achieved renowned design wins with major global flat-panel display vendors. Novatek strives to consistently deliver quality products to the market with the best added-value at the right time.

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