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NTE Electronic Datasheets Catalog-18

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NTE5057A NTE ElectronicZener diode, 1/2 watt, + - 5 % tolerance. Nominal zener voltage Vz = 170V, Zener test current Izt = 0.74mA.
NTE1850 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Dual 12W/channel audio power amplifier.
NTE7062 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. CRT display synchronization deflection circuit.
NTE784 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Wide - band power amplifier.
NTE1812 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Capstan interface circuit for VCR.
NTE1387 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Dual, audio power amplifier, 2.4W/Ch.
NTE5248AK NTE Electronic50 watt zener diode, +-5% tolerance. Nominal zener voltage Vz = 7.5V. Zener test current Izt = 1700mA.
NTE4975 NTE ElectronicSurge clamping, transient overvoltage suppressor, bidirectional. VR = 128.00V max reverse stand off voltage.
NTE187 NTE ElectronicSilicon complementary PNP transistor. General purpose output & driver for audio amplifier.
NTE2966 NTE ElectronicMOSFET. N-channel, enhancement mode high speed switch.
NTE6038 NTE ElectronicIndustrial silicon recfifier. Cathode to case. Max peak repetitive reverse voltage 500V. Max average forward current 60A.
NTE1016 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit AF small-signal amplifier for tape recorder
NTE464 NTE ElectronicSilicon complementary MOSFET P-ch transistor. Enhancement mode for switching applications.
NTE1700 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. 2, 4 & 6 hour auto discriminator for VCR.
NTE1936 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Positive voltage regulator, 12V, 2A.
NTE5043A NTE ElectronicZener diode, 1/2 watt, + - 5 % tolerance. Nominal zener voltage Vz = 60V, Zener test current Izt = 2.1mA.
NTE519 NTE ElectronicSilicon rectifier diode. Ultra fast switch. Repetitive peak reverse voltage 100V. Average forward current 150mA.
NTE6362 NTE ElectronicSilicon power rectifier diode, 300 Amp. Cathode to case. Max repetitive peak reverse voltage 1400V.
NTE15030 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. CMOS, color processing circuit for VCR.
NTE110A NTE ElectronicGermanium diode. General purpose
NTE6202 NTE ElectronicPositive center tapped silicon rectifier, standard recovery. Peak repetitive reverse voltage 400V. Average forward current(per diode) 15A.
NTE5175A NTE ElectronicZener diode, 10 watt, +-5% tolerance. Nominal zener voltage Vz = 4.3V. Zener test current Izt = 580mA.
NTE30001 NTE ElectronicInfrared emitting diode bi-directional.
NTE1804 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Vertical deflection circuit for large screen TV.
NTE7157 NTE ElectronicIntegrated circuit. Low frequency power amplifier.
1V175 NTE ElectronicMetal oxide varistor. Case diameter 8.5 mm. Nominal varistor voltage 270 V @ 1mA DC test current.
NTE3117 NTE ElectronicBar graph display. Yellow.
NTE5190A NTE ElectronicZener diode, 10 watt, +-5% tolerance. Nominal zener voltage Vz = 14V. Zener test current Izt = 180mA.
NTE6091 NTE ElectronicSilicon schottky barrier rectifier. Max peak repetitive reverse voltage 45V. Max average rectified forward current 20A.
NTE154 NTE ElectronicSilicon NPN transistor high voltage video output.

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