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MSP3435G MSP3410D HAL523SF-E MSP3411G HAL115UA-C SDA9588X MSP3411G NVM3060 HAL621UA-E HAL556UA-K MSP3415D HAL115SF-K HAL114UA-E VCT3831A HAL516UA-E HAL502UA-E HAL621SF-K HAL517SF-E MSP3461G VPC3231A HAL575SF-K MSP3467G HAL320SO-A TDA9513 MSP3435G SDA9488X VPC3201C VPC3210C

Micronas Datasheets Catalog-8

Partea NuProducătorCerere
MSP3425G MicronasNTSC version
HAL560SF-A MicronasTwo-wire hall effect sensor (145 kHz)
MSP3435G MicronasMultistandard sound processor
MSP3410D MicronasMultistandard sound processor
HAL523SF-E MicronasHall effect sensor (62 kHz)
MSP3411G MicronasFM stereo (A2) version
HAL115UA-C MicronasHall effect sensor
SDA9588X MicronasCost-effective picture-in-picture ICs
MSP3411G MicronasNICAM and FM stereo (A2) version
NVM3060 Micronas4096-Bit EEPROM
HAL621UA-E MicronasHall effect sensor (360 kHz)
HAL556UA-K MicronasTwo-wire hall effect sensor (145 kHz)
MSP3415D MicronasMultistandard sound processor
HAL115SF-K MicronasHall effect sensor
HAL114UA-E MicronasHall effect sensor
VCT3831A MicronasVideo/controller/teletext IC
HAL516UA-E MicronasHall effect sensor (62 kHz)
HAL502UA-E MicronasHall effect sensor (62 kHz)
HAL621SF-K MicronasHall effect sensor (360 kHz)
HAL517SF-E MicronasHall effect sensor (62 kHz)
MSP3461G MicronasMultistandard sound processor with virtual dolby surround
VPC3231A MicronasComb filter video processor
HAL575SF-K MicronasTwo-wire hall effect sensor (145 kHz)
MSP3467G MicronasMultistandard sound processor
HAL320SO-A MicronasDifferential hall effect sensor IC (62 kHz)
TDA9513 MicronasLine circuit for TV receivers
MSP3435G MicronasMultistandard sound processor
SDA9488X MicronasCost-effective picture-in-picture ICs
VPC3201C MicronasVideo processor (50Hz/single scan)
VPC3210C MicronasVideo processor (100Hz/single scan)

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