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L517UA-E HAL629UA-K MSP3405G VDP3120B HAL574SF-K HAL573SF-E MSP3401G SDA5650X HAL505SF-A VPC3230D MSP3417G BSP3505D MSP4448G SDA6000 HAL566UA-A HAL519SF-E MSP3400D MSP4428G SDA9415-B13 HAL525SF-A HAL516UA-K VPC3240D DPL4519G VPX3225E HAL504SF-A DRP3510A DPL4519G HAL503SF-A

Micronas Datasheets Catalog-14

Partea NuProducătorCerere
VDP3108B MicronasVideo processor
VPC3241D MicronasComb filter video processor
HAL517UA-E MicronasHall effect sensor (62 kHz)
HAL629UA-K MicronasHall effect sensor (360 kHz)
MSP3405G MicronasFM stereo (A2) version
VDP3120B MicronasVideo processor
HAL574SF-K MicronasTwo-wire hall effect sensor (145 kHz)
HAL573SF-E MicronasTwo-wire hall effect sensor (145 kHz)
MSP3401G MicronasFM stereo (A2) version
SDA5650X MicronasVPS/PDC- plus decoder
HAL505SF-A MicronasHall effect sensor (62 kHz)
VPC3230D MicronasComb filter video processor
MSP3417G MicronasNICAM and FM stereo (A2) version
BSP3505D MicronasBaseband sound processor
MSP4448G MicronasMultistandard sound processor
SDA6000 MicronasTeletext decoder with embedded 16-bit controller M2
HAL566UA-A MicronasTwo-wire hall effect sensor (145 kHz)
HAL519SF-E MicronasHall effect sensor (62 kHz)
MSP3400D MicronasMultistandard sound processor
MSP4428G MicronasMultistandard sound processor
SDA9415-B13 MicronasDisplay processor and scan rate converter using embedded DRAM technology units
HAL525SF-A MicronasHall effect sensor IC (115 kHz)
HAL516UA-K MicronasHall effect sensor (62 kHz)
VPC3240D MicronasComb filter video processor
DPL4519G MicronasSound processor for digital and analog surround systems
VPX3225E MicronasVideo pixel decoder
HAL504SF-A MicronasHall effect sensor (62 kHz)
DRP3510A MicronasDigital receiver front-end
DPL4519G MicronasSound processor for digital and analog surround systems
HAL503SF-A MicronasHall effect sensor (62 kHz)

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