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PIC17C42A/P PIC16LF84T-20/SS PIC16C556AT-04I/P PIC16LF873-04E/PT 24AA08-/SM PIC17LC756-25I/JW PIC16F876-04/SP PIC16C554A-20I/JW PIC16LC62X-20I/SS 27C128-12I/SO PIC16LCR72-20/SO PIC16LF874-10/PQ 24C32-I/SM PIC16CR72-04E/SS 93LC56AXT-/SN PIC16LC923-04I/PT PIC16CE623T-04/P 24LCS21-

Microchip Datasheets Catalog-92

Partea NuProducătorCerere
24C01C-E/P Microchip1K 5.0V I2C EEPROM
TC4429MJA Microchip6A high-speed MOSFET driver inverting
PIC17C42A/P MicrochipEPROM memory
PIC16LF84T-20/SS MicrochipEEPROM 8-Bit microcontroller
PIC16C556AT-04I/P MicrochipERROM-based 8-Bit CMOS microcontroller
PIC16LF873-04E/PT Microchip8-bit CMOS FLASH microcontroller
24AA08-/SM Microchip8K 1.8V I2C EEPROM
PIC17LC756-25I/JW MicrochipHigh-performance 8-Bit CMOS EPROM microcontroller
PIC16F876-04/SP Microchip8-bit CMOS FLASH microcontroller
PIC16C554A-20I/JW MicrochipERROM-based 8-Bit CMOS microcontroller
PIC16LC62X-20I/SS MicrochipEPROM-based 8-Bit CMOS microcontroller
27C128-12I/SO Microchip128K (16x8)CMOS EPROM
PIC16LCR72-20/SO Microchip8-Bit CMOS microcontroller with A,D converter
PIC16LF874-10/PQ Microchip8-bit CMOS FLASH microcontroller
24C32-I/SM Microchip32K 5.0V I2C smart EEPROM
PIC16CR72-04E/SS Microchip8-Bit CMOS microcontroller with A,D converter
93LC56AXT-/SN Microchip2K 2.5V microwire EEPROM
PIC16LC923-04I/PT Microchip8-Bit CMOS microcontroller with LCD driver
PIC16CE623T-04/P MicrochipOTR 8-Bit CMOS MCU with EEPROM data memory
24LCS21-/SN Microchip1K 2.5V dual mode I2C EEPROM
ST93C57M3TR Microchip2K (128 x 16 or 256 x 8) microwire serial EEPROM, 3 to 5.5V
PIC16LF874-20E/P Microchip8-bit CMOS FLASH microcontroller
PIC16LF83AT-20/SS MicrochipEEPROM 8-Bit microcontroller
28LV64A-T-20/VS Microchip64K (8Kx8) low voltage CMOS EEPROM
PIC16LF876T-10I/L Microchip8-bit CMOS FLASH microcontroller
TC54VN6202EMBTR MicrochipVoltage detector, Nch open drain, 6.2V, +/-2%
27C64-20/L Microchip64K (8Kx8) CMOS EPROM
PIC16C61-10E/P Microchip8-Bit CMOS microcontroller
25C160T-E/SN Microchip8K,16K 5.0V SPI bus EEPROM
PIC16F873T-10E/P Microchip8-bit CMOS FLASH microcontroller

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