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083CK-12 LTC1159CN LTC1065MJ8 LT1086CK-12 LT1101 LT117A LT1071CT LT1312CS8 LT1636IN8 LTC1574-5 LT1097CN8 LM318 LTC1335IN LTC1702 LTC1298CS8 LT1074IT LT1117CST-5 LT1011AMJ8 LT1117-2.85 LT1077CN8 LTC1479 LTC1434 LTC1442IN8 LTC1629 LTC1099IJ LT1014MJ LTC1345ISW LT1782

Linear Datasheets Catalog-54

Partea NuProducătorCerere
LT1014ACJ LinearQuad precision operational amplifier
LT1581 Linear10A, Very Low Dropout Regulator
LT1083CK-12 Linear7.5A low dropout positive fixed 12V regulator
LTC1159CN LinearHigh efficiency synchronous step-down switching regulators
LTC1065MJ8 LinearDC accurate, clock-tunable linear phase 5th order bessel lowpass filter
LT1086CK-12 Linear1.5A low dropout positive regulators fixed 12V
LT1101 LinearPrecision, Micropower, Single Supply Instrumentation Amplifier (Fixed Gain= 10 or 100)
LT117A LinearPositive Adjustable Regulator
LT1071CT Linear2.5A High efficiency switching regulators
LT1312CS8 LinearSingle PCMCIA VPP driver/regulator
LT1636IN8 LinearOver-the-top micropower rail-to-rail input and output operational amplifier
LTC1574-5 LinearHigh Efficiency Step-Down DC/DC Converters with Internal Schottky Diode
LT1097CN8 LinearLow cost, low power precision operational amplifier
LM318 LinearHigh Speed Operational Amplifier
LTC1335IN Linear4-EIA562 transceiver /2-RS485 transceiver
LTC1702 LinearDual 550kHz Synchronous 2-Phase Switching Regulator Controller
LTC1298CS8 LinearMicropower sampling 12-Bit A/D converters
LT1074IT LinearStep-down switching regulator, 5A onboard switch, 100kHz switching frequency
LT1117CST-5 Linear800mA low dropout positive regulators, output 5V
LT1011AMJ8 LinearVoltage comparator
LT1117-2.85 Linear800mA Low Dropout Positive Regulators Adjustable and Fixed 2.85V, 3.3V, 5V
LT1077CN8 LinearMicropower, single supply, precision Op. Amp.
LTC1479 LinearPowerPath Controller for Dual Battery Systems
LTC1434 Linear450mA, Low Noise Current Mode Step-Down DC/DC Converter
LTC1442IN8 LinearUltralow power single/dual comparator with reference
LTC1629 LinearPolyPhase, High Efficiency, Synchronous Step-Down Switching Regulator
LTC1099IJ LinearHigh speed 8-bit A/D converter with built-in sample-and-hold
LT1014MJ LinearQuad precision operational amplifier
LTC1345ISW LinearSingle supply V.35 transceiver
LT1782 LinearMicropower, Over-The-Top SOT-23, Rail-to-Rail Input and Output Op Amp

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