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Pentru a găsi specifice Level One Communicationsfoi, căutare okDatasheet de număr sau parte componentă descriere. Dvs. va fi prezentată o listă cu toate piesele se potrivesc cu Level One datasheets. Faceţi clic pe orice enumerate componente electronice pentru a vedea mai multe detalii, inclusiv orice cerinţelor.
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LXT904PC Ethernet interface adapter with EnDec and AUI
LXT914PC Flexible quad ethernet repeater
LXP604ANE Low-jitter clock adapter
SK70706HDX 784 kbps HDSL data pump chip set
LXT944QC Quad ethernet interface adapter
LXT313PE Short/Haul transceiver
LXT350NE Integrated T1/E1 S/H transceiver with crystal-less jitter attenuation
LXT315PE Short/Haul transceiver
LXT908PC Unibersal ethernet interface adapter
LXT307NE Low-power E1 integrated short-haul transceiver
LXT317NE DECT twisted-pair LIU transceiver
LXT304APE Short/Haul transceiver with receive JA
LXT901ALC Universal ethernet transceiver
LXT905PC Universal ethernet interface adapter
SK70721IAFE Multi-rate DSL data pump chip set
LXP602ANE Low-jitter clock adapter
LXT318PE E1 NTU/ISDN PRI transceiver
LXT318NE E1 NTU/ISDN PRI transceiver
LXT310NE Short/Haul transceiver
LXT916QC Multi-port hub repeater for managed 10BASE-T applications
LXT400PE Switched 56/DDS transceiver
LXT325QE T1/E1 integrated quad receiver
LXP610PE Low-jitter multi-rate clock adapter
LXT441 Switched 56/DDS transceiver
LXT360QE Integrated T1/E1 LH/SH transceiver for DS1/DSX-1/CSU or NTU/ISDN PRI applications
LXT332QE Dual T1/E1 line interface unit
LXT325NE T1/E1 integrated quad receiver
LXT331E1 Dual T1/E1 line interface unit

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Level One Communications is a leading supplier of Silicon Connectivity Integrated Circuit Solutions for complex analog and digital (mixed-signal) transmission and networking applications. The company specializes in the development of integrated circuit Application Specific Standard Products (ASSPs), such as transceivers, repeaters and related devices used in two key areas of the telecommunications and data communications inductry.

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