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8S15MBV IRGPC40MD2 JANTXV2N6770 SD400N24MBC ST303S04PFN3 JANTXV2N6782 SD500R45MTC SD150N08MC 309UR120P3 IRGBC30UD2 SD80OC45L ST180C20C3L ST173S10MFK2 303UR80 SD103N10S20MSC SD233R30S50MTC ST330C04C0L 30CPF06 ST700C22L1L IRFR9210 PVD2352 301UA80 SD200R04PC ST303C12HK2L ST303C04CHK

IR Datasheets Catalog-77

Partea NuProducătorCerere
ST203S10MFJ2 IRInverter grade thyristor
SD253N08S15MBV IRFast recovery diode
IRGPC40MD2 IRInsulated gate bipolar transistor with ultrafast soft recovery diode
JANTXV2N6770 IRHEXFET power mosfet
SD400N24MBC IRStandard recovery diode
ST303S04PFN3 IRInverter grade thyristor
JANTXV2N6782 IRHEXFET power mosfet
SD500R45MTC IRStandard recovery diode
SD150N08MC IRStandard recovery diode
309UR120P3 IRStandard recovery diode
IRGBC30UD2 IRInsulated gate bipolar transistor with ultrafast soft reconery diode
SD80OC45L IRStandard recovery diode
ST180C20C3L IRPhase control thyristor
ST173S10MFK2 IRInverter grade thyristor
303UR80 IRStandard recovery diode
SD103N10S20MSC IRFast recovery diode
SD233R30S50MTC IRFast recovery diode
ST330C04C0L IRPhase control thyristor
30CPF06 IRFast soft recovery rectifier diode, 10A, 600V, 60ns
ST700C22L1L IRPhase control thyristor
IRFR9210 IRHEXFET power MOSFET. VDSS = -200V, RDS(on) = 3.0 Ohm, ID = -1.9A
PVD2352 IRBOSFET photovoltaic relay
301UA80 IRStandard recovery diode
SD200R04PC IRStandard recovery diode
ST303C12HK2L IRInverter grade thyristor
ST303C04CHK2 IRInverter grade thyristor
ST223S04MFN0L IRInverter grade thyristor
SD500R30MC IRStandard recovery diode
300UR20A IRStandard recovery diode
SD150R25PSC IRStandard recovery diode

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