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F MB84VD2008-10 FAR-F4DA-51M840-G201 MB1502PF FAR-C3SB-08000-K11-T FAR-C4SB-14746-K12-U FAR-C3CN-08000-G11-R MB1501 FAR-F5CM-836M50-B268-U MB3802 FAR-C3CA-04915-M00-R FAR-C4SB-11059-L02-T FAR-C1SB-16000-J01-U FAR-C3SA-04194-K20-U MB1501L MBM29F160BE-90PFTN MB90587CAPFV FAR-C4CB-0

Fujitsu Datasheets Catalog-100

Partea NuProducătorCerere
MB89P825PFM Fujitsu8-bit proprietary microcontroller
MB88345PF FujitsuD/A converter for digital tuning (24-channel, 8-bit, on-chip OP amp)
MB84VD2008-10 FujitsuMCP (multi-chip package) flash memory & SRAM 8M(x16) flash memory & 2M(x16) static RAM
FAR-F4DA-51M840-G201 FujitsuTiming extraction bandpass filter (50 to 300MHz)
MB1502PF FujitsuSerial input PLL frequency synthesizer
FAR-C3SB-08000-K11-T FujitsuPiezoelectric resonator
FAR-C4SB-14746-K12-U FujitsuPiezoelectric resonator
FAR-C3CN-08000-G11-R FujitsuPiezoelectric resonator (4 to 20 MHz)
MB1501 FujitsuSerial input PLL frequency synthesizer
FAR-F5CM-836M50-B268-U FujitsuPiezoelectric SAW BPF (700 to 1000 MHz)
MB3802 FujitsuPower management switch
FAR-C3CA-04915-M00-R FujitsuPiezoelectric resonator
FAR-C4SB-11059-L02-T FujitsuPiezoelectric resonator
FAR-C1SB-16000-J01-U FujitsuPiezoelectric resonator
FAR-C3SA-04194-K20-U FujitsuPiezoelectric resonator
MB1501L FujitsuSerial input PLL frequency synthesizer
MBM29F160BE-90PFTN FujitsuFlash memory CMOS 16M (2M x 8/1 x 16)bit
MB90587CAPFV Fujitsu16-bit proprietary microcontroller
FAR-C4CB-07373-M02-R FujitsuPiezoelectric resonator
FAR-F6CE-1G7475-L2YA-V FujitsuPiezoelectric SAW BPF (1000 to 2500 MHz)
VC-2R7A50-1652 FujitsuVoltage controlled oscillator (230 to 2300 MHz)
MBM29DL162TD12PFTR FujitsuFlash memory CMOS 16M (2M x 8/1M x16) bit dual operation
MB89627RP-SH Fujitsu8-bit proprietary microcontroller
FAR-C4CN-04000-L00-R FujitsuPiezoelectric resonator (4 to 23.9 MHz)
MB89P155PFV-203 Fujitsu8-bit proprietary microcontroller
MB15F02LPFV1 FujitsuDual serial input PLL frequency synthesizer
MB15C103PFV FujitsuIF band PLL freguency synthesizer
FAR-C4CN-08000-L02-R FujitsuPiezoelectric resonator (4 to 23.9 MHz)
FAR-C3CA-04000-J00-R FujitsuPiezoelectric resonator
FAR-C3CB-11059-M11-R FujitsuPiezoelectric resonator

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