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5LN DS2182AQ DS1236A-5N DS2404S-001/T&R DS1413 DS1706R DS1238A-5 DS1000-40 DS275-N DS229EN DS1834AS DS1040Z-D60 DS18B20Z DS1220AD-120 DS21T05Z DS1005S-200 DS1010S-100 DS1040M-150 DS1100Z-45 DS1810R-15/T&R DS1233M-5 DS1220AD-200-IND DS1065-66 DS1384FP-120 DS1100Z-200 DS1602S DS170

Dallas Datasheets Catalog-10

Partea NuProducătorCerere
DS1817R-20/T&R DallasActive High 3.3V EconoReset
DS2155LN DallasT1/E1/J1 single-chip transceiver
DS2182AQ DallasT1 Line Monitor
DS1236A-5N DallasMicroManager Chip
DS2404S-001/T&R DallasEconoRAM Time Chip
DS1413 DallasPassive Serial Port iButton Holder
DS1706R Dallas3.3 and 5.0 volt micromonitor
DS1238A-5 DallasMicroManager
DS1000-40 Dallas5-Tap Silicon Delay Line
DS275-N DallasLine-Powered RS-232 Transceiver Chip
DS229EN DallasTriple RS-232 Transmitter/Receiver
DS1834AS DallasDual EconoReset with pushbutton
DS1040Z-D60 DallasProgrammable One-Shot Pulse Generator
DS18B20Z DallasProgrammable Resolution 1-Wire Digital Thermometer
DS1220AD-120 Dallas16K Nonvolatile SRAM
DS21T05Z DallasSCSI Terminator
DS1005S-200 Dallas5-Tap Silicon Delay Line
DS1010S-100 Dallas10-Tap Silicon Delay Line
DS1040M-150 DallasProgrammable One-Shot Pulse Generator
DS1100Z-45 Dallas5-tap economy timing element (delay line), 45ns
DS1810R-15/T&R Dallas5V EconoReset with Push-Pull Output
DS1233M-5 DallasEconoReset
DS1220AD-200-IND Dallas2k x 8 CMOS nonvolatile SRAM, 200ns
DS1065-66 DallasEconOscillator/divider, max 66MHz
DS1384FP-120 DallasWatchdog Timekeeping Controller
DS1100Z-200 Dallas5-tap economy timing element (delay line), 200ns
DS1602S DallasElapsed Time Counter
DS1708 Dallas5.0 volt micromonitor, tolerance 10%
DS1345ABP-70-IND Dallas1024K Nonvolatile SRAM with Battery Monitor
DS1033Z-80 Dallas3-in-1 Low Voltage Silicon Delay Line

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