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29BV010A-25JC AT28HC256E-12TC AT24C64W-10SC-2.7 AT49F4096-12TI AT28C256-20TC AT28HC256E-90LM/883 AT28C256-20SC ATF20V8B-25PC T89C51RD2-RLRI-M AT27LV512A-12TI AT49LV040T-15CC AT49F002T-12VC AT24C01A-10MI AT25640T1-10TC-1.8 T5761-TG AT49F1614-70TI TS68020VF16 AT49LV001NT-12JI AT24C

Atmel Datasheets Catalog-19

Partea NuProducătorCerere
AT93C46W-10SC-1.8 Atmel3-wire serial EEPROM 1K(128 x 8 or 64 x16)
AT29BV010A-25JC Atmel1Megabit (128K x 8) single 2.7-volt battery-voltage CMOS flash
AT28HC256E-12TC Atmel256(32K x 8) high speed CMOS EPROM
AT24C64W-10SC-2.7 Atmel2-wire serial EEPROM 64K(8192 x 8),100kHz
AT49F4096-12TI Atmel4-Megabit (256K x 16) 5-volt only CMOS flash memory,50mA active current,0.3mA standby current
AT28C256-20TC Atmel256K(32K x 8) paged CMOS EPROM
AT28HC256E-90LM/883 Atmel256 (32K x 8) high speed parallel EEPROM, 90ns
AT28C256-20SC Atmel256K(32K x 8) paged CMOS EPROM
ATF20V8B-25PC AtmelHigh-performance EE PLD, 50mA standby, 55mA active
T89C51RD2-RLRI-M Atmel0 to 40 MHz flash programmable 8-bit microcontroller, 80C52 compatible, 8051 pin and instruction compatible, 256 bytes RAM, EEPROM 2Kbytes, flash 64Kbytes
AT27LV512A-12TI Atmel512K(64K x 8) low voltage OTP CMOS EPROM, 8mA active, 0.02 standby
AT49LV040T-15CC Atmel2-Megabit (512K x 8) single 2.7-volt battery-voltage flash memory, 25mA active, 0.05mA standby
AT49F002T-12VC Atmel2-Megabit (256K x 8) 5-volt only flash memory, 50mA active, 0.1mA standby
AT24C01A-10MI Atmel2-wire serial EEPROM 1K(128 x 8)
AT25640T1-10TC-1.8 AtmelSPI serial EEPROM, 64K (8192 x 8), 500kHz, 1.8V to 3.6V
T5761-TG AtmelUHF ASK/FSK receiver
AT49F1614-70TI Atmel16-Megabit (1M x 16/2M x 8) 5-volt only flash memory, 40mA active, 0.01mA standby
TS68020VF16 AtmelHCMOS 32-bit virtual memory microprocessor, 16.67MHz
AT49LV001NT-12JI Atmel1-Megabit (128K x 8) single 2.7-volt Battery-Voltage flash memory, 50 mA active, 0.3mA standby, 3.0V to 3.6V
AT24C32N-10SC-2.5 Atmel2-wire serial EEPROM 32K(4096 x 8),100kHz
ATF1500A-15JI AtmelHigh performance EE PLD, 52.6 MHz
AT24C16-10PI-1.8 Atmel2-wire serial EEPROM 16K(2048 x 8)
AT49HF010-70PC Atmel1-Megabit (128K x 8) 5-volt only CMOS flash memory, 30mA active, 0.1mA standby
AT24C04AN-10SC-2.7 Atmel2-Wire serial EEPROM, 100kHz, 2.7V to 5.5V
AT27C040-90TC Atmel4-Megabit (512K x 8)OTP EPROM
ATMEGA161-8PC AtmelMicrocontroller with 16K bytes in-system programmable flash, power supply 4.0 - 5.5V, 8 MHz
AT28C64X-12JC Atmel64K(8K x 8) CMOS EPROM
AT27C080-15RI Atmel8-Megabit (1M x 8) UV erasable CMOS EPROM
AT89S8252-16AA Atmel8-bit microcontroller wiet 8K bytes flash,16MHz,4.0V to 6.0V
AT29C257-90JI Atmel256K (128K x 8) 5-volt only CMOS flash memory

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